Hope Is ... Trusting

Hope fuels faith. Faith gets us through the struggles of daily life.

2/25/20232 min read

Did you know there is a difference between a wish and hope?

To wish upon anything is simple. You just state ‘I wish …’ and that’s it. No action required. It’s a possibility. It might happen. It’s optimistic. Wishing requires no action. It’s usually a fleeting thought. To hope for something requires action. We hope to become NEAD. That means we find a great doctor team, we go to appointments, we take our medication, we eat better.

Our hope comes from putting our trust in our doctors, ourselves and most importantly, God. Our hope is only as valuable as the person or thing in which we place it. God makes promises that can be sure to come true. He does not lie. Our lives will never be easy. One of the most trusting women of the bible was Mary, Jesus’ mother. She didn’t know how her husband was going to react to her being pregnant, but she trusted God. She had no idea that she would witness her son’s crucifixion or that he would rise from the dead. She trusted God.

We don’t wish for our health. We hope for it. We trust God. We put action behind this hope. We hope that the best is yet to come because God says it is so. When we hope instead of wish, we build our faith in God. Faith moves us forward with strength because we know that we have the Most High God guiding our steps.

Believing in what God will do or what He says He will do can be hard at times. We are believing in someone that is not tangible. Quite opposite from a person we can touch. Our human senses hold us back at times. That’s understandable. I’ve struggled with this. I’ve been let down (or dropped) by people in the past. It hurts. It’s teaches you how to be resilient, but it also builds walls. These walls make life more difficult. You stop asking for help. You start finding ways to do it by yourself. Yes, independence it good to have, but having faith (trust) in others should supercede your independence.

Today's prayer for Hope is
Today's prayer for Hope is
Thank you Jesus for being the anchor to my soul. For showing me how to build my faith and trust again. You are a promise maker and keeper. Thank you for guiding me to the actions that will move me closer to you. You will teach me how to find faith and trust in others that will knock down the walls I have surrounded myself with so that I can love stronger.
In Your Holy Name, I pray. Amen.